We are a young Swiss energy technology company that is focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative energy solutions.
We believe in green hydrogen becoming “a commodity” by 2030, both in demand and supply.

Our goal is to position TIB TEC as an essential technology provider for the industry. Various industrial applications are possible.

TIB TEC AG’s board and management team consist of entrepreneurs with proven track records. We have a very skilled team with extensive experience, combining industrial, technical, and financial backgrounds.

TIB-TEC AG is committed to commercializing the intellectual property rights to the Group’s  Technology, a groundbreaking innovation that enables the extraction of hydrogen from water using waste heat. By harnessing this technology, TIB-TEC aims to address critical global energy and carbon emission reduction challenges.

The acronym “TIB-TEC” represents Thermal Inverter Box – Technologies, with the Group’s Technology being encapsulated in the form of the Thermal Inverter Box, abbreviated as TIB. This innovative solution revolutionizes the production of hydrogen by utilizing waste heat, eliminating the need for additional non-renewable energy sources and offering sustainable answers to pressing energy-related issues.