Investor Relations

In 2020, the Dutch corporate group TransMatch Corporate Finance B.V. was retained to develop a business structure and commercialisation plan for the TIB-TEC technology. This process eventually led to the current company TIB-TEC AG. Also, a financial entity was registered in the Netherlands as an investment vehicle for funding of the research and development of the technology (TI Holdings B.V.). After a first round of funding was closed, the Company was able to start developing the Thermal Inverter Box system in close relation with the technology owner TI Holdings BV, a 100% subsidiary of TIB-TEC AG. Collaboration with the renowned Technical University of Aachen (Germany) on design principles and engineering drawings was undertaken as well as with the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Krefeld (Germany) who built a computer simulation model which confirmed the fundamental working principle of the TIB.

Corporate Structure

Jörg Klar
(Chairman Board)

Florus Mouthaan

Hans van den Berg
(Board Member)

Mark Thomas
(Board Member)


Latest Status


Plan for start-up Germany-based technical centre complete.

Numerical simulation

Numerical simulation (using various operational & design parameters) has been completed. The simulation was executed to validate temperature/pressure conditions in the TIB.

3D Prototype

Prototype has been 3D printed in polymer for air flow tests, with further design modifications being implemented prior to 3D printing MVP (metal composite, including